Delivery Addresses

It is a requirement of the ENCLUDEit Technology Donation Programme that goods are delivered to the registered address of your organisation.  The registered address is considered to be the address that is stated on your organisation's letter of tax exemption.

EXCEPTION: The Cisco EMEA Programme permits goods to be delivered to an address other than the registered address, provided confirmation of the delivery address is given in writing by a Trustee or Director of your organisation.  The letter must:

  • Be on your organisation’s headed paper.
  • Clearly show the registered name, number, address and email address of your organisation.
  • Show the delivery address in full.
  • Please note: delivery addresses cannot be P.O. boxes.
  • Contain a brief explanation as to why the delivery address is not the registered address.
  • The letter should be faxed to us on +353 (0) 1 4430554.

For further assistance, please e-mail